Dr Syd Hiskey
Clinical Psychology


Therapy with Dr Hiskey has at all times been professional and considerate. The therapy has been geared specifically for my needs and this has meant a true feeling of one to one care. Ultimately the therapy has been hugely beneficial to my mental wellbeing.
— Mr R

Our 10 sessions of compassion based therapy helped me re-evaluate the way I manage negative thoughts and emotions. I found your approach refreshing and enjoyed talking to you every week. I came out of the sessions feeling ‘lighter’ in mood and motivated to challenge my self-destructive patterns. I now feel equipped to cope with any difficult times which may lay ahead. You helped me understand that I must look after myself first before I can function effectively and one can only be truly compassionate by balancing home life and work properly. Thank you so much for your time and I would recommend your services to anyone with stress, anxiety and problems with work/life balance.
— Mrs S

I found working with Syd to be a very comforting experience. He has a wealth of knowledge that he demonstrates in a friendly, yet professional manner. He puts one at ease and explains deep concepts in jargon free language. I found the EMDR techniques particularly useful and still use some of the breathing techniques and safe place processes that I learned to this day. I would recommend using Syd to help you get through challenging times. I still recall some of the metaphors we discussed when I’m feeling challenged. In short, he’s a great therapist with a kind manner and in my experience the things he taught me really worked.
— Mrs L

Without my sessions with you I would not be back to the person I now am. Bear in mind if you will that I did have six CBT sessions with someone else (before you). I think that it was about my fourth/fifth session when I realised what my problem was and that what you had been saying to me for weeks had finally sunk in. I can remember that one session, our 2nd before last, when I went in one person and came out the old me. I was I suppose a little fearful on my first couple of sessions as it is very difficult sharing your thoughts, your childhood and all the things that are hidden away that you don’t want to relive or think about but which you needed to know to help me. So I think that I held back a little perhaps even a lot in the earlier sessions. My life now is back to wonderful. The best thing of all my grandchildren who are grown up say they now have their old Nan back.
— Mrs M